Small Acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. Community Service is the dontion services in the form of volunteering to benefit individuals or groups within a community or the community as a whole.

It takes a little time for the oil lamp to catch fire, but once it catches fire, it burns’. Thus, an initiative to light the lamp was taken by Rotaract club of WCE, Sangli through Adhyaya. Adhyaya (Better solutions for better society) was an event under the Community Service Avenue which deals with the welfare of the society and students. It’s very important to have a sense of the entire humanity being one family,belonging to each other, for us to have an ethical and just society. Thus, the theme of Adhyaya was ‘Me to We’.

The various sub-events under Adhyaya emphasized the importance of personal and community welfare for the betterment of society. Adhyaya was conducted between 21-27 September in college and outside. The various sub-events under Adhyaya were:

POWER PLEDGE (The Big Turn Off): This was a campaign for spreading awareness among the college students for electricity conservation in college and hostel premises. A Street Play was conducted on 21st September in college highlighting the issue of increased unnecessary energy consumption and appealed students to be aware and responsible to make optimal and sustainable use of electricity.

Posters were also pasted in classrooms near switch boards creating awareness to switch off the lights and fans when not in need.

 i-Doll-ize (The Mannequin Challenge): Following the latest trends and craze for Mannequin challenges, this sub-event was a competition and a challenge for the students in WCE,Sangli. The event required teams to search and think over small, crucial problems faced by our society and depict it as a mannequin challenge video. The challenge began on 21 September and concluded on 26 September.

OJAS: Ojas dealt with the personal, physical and mental well-being. It had two underlying events:

1) The Yoga Session: It was a three-day session for Yoga, conducted in college on 25,  26 and 27th September. The Yoga was conducted under the guidance of an expert.

2) Mental Health Expert Guidance Seminar. The mental health session was address by an expert  Dr. Dilip Patwardhan. The seminar was about stress management and importance of mental health, improving the ability of a person to face problems, to abstain from challenges in life positively to lead a happy life. This was held on 27th September in Tilak hall.

It was clear after the event that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Working for community service is a great joy and which made the event end with a big smile on everyone’s face.