The club service started with the speech of president addressing the social problems and announcement of upcoming event Adhyaya.

The club service was handed over to the Adhyaya committee, as the theme of GBM was Adhyaya.

The team names were as follows:

Karimul Haque- He is a worker in tea gardens of north India. He has received Padma Shri award for his work supporting the villagers in and around Dhalabari by bringing sick people to a hospital in his motorcycle Ambulance.

Bejwada Wilson- He is one of the founders and National Convenor of the Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), an Indian human rights organization that has been campaigning for the eradication of manual scavenging, the construction, operation, and employment of manual scavengers which has been illegal in India since 1993.

Ruth pfua- She is German-born Pakistani physician. She moved from Germany to Pakistan and devoted more than 50 years of her life-fighting leprosy in Pakistan.

Daripalli Ramaiah- He is an Indian social worker. He is the recipient of the Padma  Shri award for the year 2017, for his invaluable contribution to extending tree cover.He is locally known as ‘Chetla Ramaiah’, trees Ramaiah.

The first game was Cognizance. Cognizance was outdoor activity in which 4 members of each team have to search the college campus and take a photograph of any social crime they find.  The last part of the game was to present that social crime in a funny way.

The next activity was Mighty Deed. In this activity, each Rotaractor was provided with a paper in which they have to write any social problem they have faced and how they tackled that problem. One of the members has to come on the Dias and describe the incident.

The next session was a public speech given by Pranay. The public speech was on Gorakhpur tragedy. He had shared his views on this incident and also shared his opinion about the things which went wrong during the incident.

Last Game was 4 pics 1 word, in which each team was provided with 4 pics and which were interconnected. Teams have to guess the social issue which the photos portrayed.

At last the Adhyaya posters were released and committee members introduced each sub-events which are under Adhyaya and its significance to Rotaractors. The GBM ended with video on community service avenue.

Thus, the GBM was ended with the command of the president.




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