Group Discussion plays an important role in boosting the confidence and improving the oratory skills along with helping students to test their ideas and opinions against the ideas and opinions of their peers. With this purpose, President Rtr. Shivani Kondewar started GBM. It’s being the Teachers’ Day on 5th September, to enlighten the new aspects of teaching, topic for group discussion was the virtual classroom VS the traditional classroom. From each team, two participants came forward and put their opinion on the topic.

Then the club service was handed over to CSDs. The theme of the GBM was vocabulary and the names were as follows:

  • Rebuke– Express sharp disapproval.
  • Dire-Extremely urgent\serious.
  • Circumspect-Cautious and hence wary and unwilling to take the risk.

The first game was ATTENTION, in which Rtr.Abhishek Patil told a story containing some names and numbers in such a way that it grabbed the attention of rotaractors and then Rtr.Samrudhhi asked some questions related to the story and those actions done by him. The aim of the game was to check the attention of the students who were present in the GBM.

The next session was ETYMOLOGY which means the study of the origin of words. Rtr. Abhishek told information about ETYMOLOGY and also about root words. He also explained how new words came into existence. Then, the students were asked to find the new words which were the combination of two root words.

Then, next session was “VR”. In that game, one representative from each team was called to play the android game and simultaneously was to answer the question asked by CSDS. The questions asked were irrelevant and the aim was to check the multitasking abilities of person playing the game.

The last game was “COMIC COMM.” In this, comic stories with blank callouts were provided to each team and later they were asked to fill the callouts and then each team described the story they made.

To recognize the work of all core committee members and volunteers for CHRYSALIS, they were given the letter of appreciation.

Thus, the GBM was ended with the command of the president.



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