News always serves a key role in providing us information about all the current happenings. Following the same, Rtr. Shivani Kondewar commenced the GBM with the news session and all the members took an active participation in that. All the recent incidences were brought in lime light along with the causes and effects of the incidence were discussed.

Later the GBM was handed over to CSD’s. The theme of the GBM was Pieces of Paper and all the GBAs were designed in such a manner that they needed paper.

The team names were:

  1. Alacrity: brisk and cheerful readiness.
  2. Gregarious: fond of company; sociable.
  3. Celerity: swiftness of movement.

The first session was a public speech by Rtr. Vaibhav Sabane on Globalization (refers to the free movement of goods, capital, services, people, technology and information. It is the action or procedure of international integration of countries arising from the convergence of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture). After the speech, it was clear that economics was back of the hand for Rtr. Vaibhav. The points told were well taken by everyone.

Then second game was ‘ROUSING PLOT’. In this all the teams were provided with pieces of paper and the pieces were parts of the success story of a well know personality. Teams were supposed to arrange the pieces and form a story and then depict the personality in the story. Then two volunteers from each team had to explain the story to others. Teams hit the road as they got the pieces and were to think on their feet to ace the task.

Following that the next game was ‘STRANGER WALKS THE TALK ’ in which four volunteers from each team were provided with a word, one out of the four words was an odd man out. Volunteers had to find the odd man out word, everyone were back off the wall since the words were similar to each other. The volunteer who got the odd man out word was given a topic to speak and thus to show his/her spontaneity skills. The participants were off the cut during the task.

Adding the audio-visual aspect to GBM, the short clip introducing the features of Android Oreo was shown.

Next was the small session by Rtr Shraddha Powar and Rtr. Vishal Narkhede in which teams were shown with some abstract images and the teams were to guess what does the image depicts. The images were based on the upcoming FE Special event. After the game, everyone died of the curiosity to know the event.

Rtr Pravan then revealed the FE Special event which is CHRYSALIS ……Find your feet and the event was explained by Rtr Divya. Then the committee of the event was introduced to everyone by Rtr Pravan and is as follow:

1.Rtr.Pravan Patil

2.Rtr.Abhishek Jadhav

3.Rtr.Abhishek Patil

4.Rtr. Divya Doshi

5.Rtr. Harikrishna Chippa

6.Rtr. Buddhabhushan Kamble

7.Rtr. Pranav Gosavi

8.Rtr. Shradhha Powar

9.Rtr. Vaibhav Sabane

10.Rtr. Vishal Narkhede

Hence the GBM was concluded with the order of president.


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