The GBM was started with the greetings from the President, telling the importance of Independence Day and then the GBM was handed over to CSDs celebrating 71st INDEPENDENCE DAY of India and thus the theme of the GBM was Independence Day.

Rtr. Samruddhi expressed her views on Independence Day through a poem which conveyed the message that let us try to get free this Independence Day instead of getting lost in the odor of injustice and evils that cripple the society.

Later on, team names were given to each team. The team names were:

  1. MODERATES: a person who holds moderate views, especially in politics.
  2. EXTREMISTS: a person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.
  3. REVOLUTIONARIES: a person who advocates or engages in political revolution

The very first session was a public speech given by Rtr. Ankush on Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency is designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency), which was explained really well.Having listened to Rtr. Ankush, it felt that he had examined the topic very well which encouraged everyone to keep in fingers over the pulse of the topic.

Next to this was THE CHAIN GAME, a group building activity. In this, teams had to perform a chain of tasks. Unless a team completes its first task, next task won’t be  given.The team which completes all the tasks first wins the game.Tasks were based on the theme Independence Day.It was really difficult to complete the task even after applying the whole bag of tricks from everyone.

Next session COALITION was again a group building activity in which the teams needed to show their creativity. Teams were given symbols of two political parties and they had to make a new symbol showing the collaboration between the parties and also a name to the collaborated party. The task was too good that everyone sank their teeth into it and everyone aced in the task.

Following this session, was a DEBATE and the topic of the debate was told through  a video.The topic of the Debate was “IS INDIA REALLY DEVELOPED AFTER 70 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE DAY”.The topic filed everyone into the debate and it  was really difficult to have a grip on oneself because everyone wanted to cut the ground under the feet of others.

After the debate, for few things everyone had to swallow their pride and for few was a moment of proud. The Debate made us remember the lines said by honorable president Pranab Mukherjee “the roots (of vibrant democracy) are deep but the leaves are beginning to wilt”. Let us collectively take this responsibility of being truly free – by realizing that as we demand our rights, in the same way, we need to fulfill our duties too.

The GBM was ended with the order of president


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