It is rightly said that the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, and thus first event of our club was commenced i.e. F.E Orientation meet 2017. F.Ys were warmly welcomed and introduced to our club. The main motto behind the Fe Orientation was to inculcate soft skills, awareness about society, professionalism and the happenings at international level in the students.

The Fe Orientation Meet started with a strict proceeding i.e. the Presidential address, given by Rtr Shivani Kondewar. She welcomed first years in the college and then shaded knowledge, that possessing strong soft skills can put the person a step ahead in the competition and make him/her a true professional. Soft skills are essential in today’s challenging professional world and in case you possess some of these, the career path will only get smoother for them.

Further, Rtr. Aishwarya Bankar and Rtr. Abhishek Patil introduced our club to the juniors. They gave a brief introduction of the 4 Avenues under which our club works. To inculcate a sense of teamwork, the juniors were distributed into 4 groups as follows

1) URJIT PATEL- Urjit Patel is an Indian economist, who is currently serving as the 24th Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

2) ANTONIO GUTTERE- António is a Portuguese politician and diplomat who is serving as the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations.

3) WALT DISNEY- Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer.

4) KAILASH SATYARTHI- Kailash Satyarthi  is an Indian children’s rights and education advocate and an activist against child labour.

The first game In The Wink of an Eye was conducted by Rtr Vatsala and Rtr Samruddhi in which three volunteers from each team had to come forward and were asked to tell 3 names or things according to the question and were to answer very quickly and thus were supposed to be as quick as lightning. At the end of the game it showed that everyone was down to fine art in spontaneity.

The next game was Roll Out For Luck which was conducted by Rtr Abhishek and Rtr Aishwarya in which a team member from each team had to roll the dice and then the team had to perform the task which was given to them after the roll of the dice and if they succeed to complete the task in the given time whatever position they would be at the snake-ladder board that many points would be added to their points table. All the teams excelled in their task. These two games were mainly conducted to portray Club Service Avenue.

It is said that Knowledge is power and thus following it an informative session was conducted over the topic China-India border standoff 2017 (refers to the military border standoff between the Indian Armed Forces and the People’s Liberation Army of China) under International Service Avenue by Rtr Saurabh, Rtr Rupika and Rtr Shubham and was well explained by them and thus everyone were able to see the light over the topic.

Next session was War Of Words which was a debate conducted by Rtr Shraddha and Rtr Anurag and the topics were Advertisement creates artificial needs and Diversity in India. The  teams were beating around the bush on the topic at start but at the end everyone cut the chase on the topic and thus  hit the nail on the head.

Following the debate,  Rtr Shweta acquainted Fe’s about Community Service Avenue and Professional Service Avenue.

An audio-visual introduction of our club was given to our juniors through the spectacular video which lasted in everyone’s mind and provoked them to clap their hands.

The FE ORIENTATION MEET concluded with enthusiasm and eager on the face of every first year student about the upcoming GBMs and after hearing the feedback from the juniors everyone were on the top of the moon.

Thus the GIM ended with full of joys of spring in everyone.

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