Vice-president started with the experience sharing of the winners of the event Prudence. It was the last GBM and so was called the BE’s special one.

The GBM was handed over to CSD’s. They first gave the team names. This time the teams were called the houses and the team leaders were called the lords. The house which would be winning would win the throne. The houses were:

  • House Cognizants
  • House Mavericks
  • House Ardents
  • House Poignants

The first game was UPSIDE DOWN. BE’s of each team were asked a question such that the answers were either yes or no. The twist was that they have to give the opposite answer. It was confusing for BE’s. Seeing them confused was the most fun giving part.

Then there was a game named MEMOR-I-WINDING. It was taken by Rtr. Vatsala Singh. The BE members of each team were separated in another row. The game was that each team would have two questions i.e. 1A and 1B of which 1A was a GK question which was to be answered by the rest of the team (excluding BE) and 1B was about the club activities which happened in last four years which was to be answered by BE members. It was a fun game and everybody enjoyed it a lot.

This time the public speech was given by Rtr. Priyadarshani Patil. The topic was 3 Q’s of our life. She explained the 3 Q’s i.e. IQ (Intelligent quotient), EQ (Emotional quotient) and SQ (Spiritual quotient). The balance of all three is needed in everybody’s life to remain happy. It was an informative session with many new things to learn.

The next game was 2 TRUTH AND 1 LIE. One BE from each team would have to come forward. One of them would state three statements of which two would be true and one would be lie. The opponent BE members have to guess which one is lie. It was funny as many vague statements were stated and it was interesting how they identified the lie.

The last game was THINK DRAW SHOW. Here each team’s BE members were gathered and they were given a drawing sheet. They were given single word related to our college and they had to draw something related to it. The topics were amazing and everybody enjoyed it a lot.

At last, BE’s shared their experience about the journey of 4 years in the club. As our tagline LEARNING IS OUR PRECEPT suggests, they mainly emphasized on the importance of attending the GBM’s and urged everybody to actively participate in the GBM.

Hence the GBM was concluded by the vice-president’s order.





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