This was the first GBM after the Mega event DARK PEACE – end it before it ends you. The GBM started with the experience sharing session where all the participants as well as volunteers shared their experience regarding the Mega Event.

Further the GBM was handed to CSD’s. Map of Maharashtra was given to all teams with two districts colored in each map and those districts were the team names for the GBM. Teams were supposed to find the current temperature of Districts which were as follows:


  • Gadchiroli(40°c), Aurangabad(37°c)
  • Jalgaon(36oC), Solapur(36oC)
  • Ratnagiri(32oC), Yavatmal(39oC)


The first game ‘CONJECTURE‘ in which two volunteers from each team were asked to guess the meanings of different unusual words which helped us to increase our vocabulary.

Further there was a public speech given by Rtr. Akshay Satpaise on ‘STOCK MARKET‘. The public speech was informative and made us aware of some concepts used in stock market such as brokers, bid price, book value earning per share, etc. Also, to have the actual feel of Stock Market Rtr. Akshay suggested apps like ‘STOCK EARNINGS’ which will surely improve our knowledge regarding Stock Market.

The second game of the GBM was ‘BRAND IT‘ where teams were given the names of some of the popular hotels, café, etc. Teams were supposed to give an appropriate tagline to them just like a company has a tagline to project their importance in the market.

Any achievement or contribution should be awarded with a token of appreciation to motivate them for more achievements. Following this principal, FE volunteers were given letter of appreciation for their enthusiastic volunteership in Mega Event. This was followed by experience sharing of core committee members which was headed by Rtr. Abhilash Neve. All core committee members were given memento and letter of appreciation by President Rtr. Likhit Unadkat for their outstanding contribution.

Hence the GBM was ended with order of president.

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