End it before it ends you.

The journey of DARK PEACE, an event under International Service Avenue started from the selection of core committee. 11 fellow rotaractors were selected for the core committee under the leadership of Rtr. Abhilash Neve, International Service Director. For constant 3 months, the event was being planned and designed. Finally, the day of execution commenced on 25th March.

Inaugural Lamp Lighting Ceremony was done by Prof. N. V. Marathe, Chief Guest and Prof. C. H. Wagh, Staff Advisor. The felicitation of the chief guest and our staff advisor was done by President Rtr. Likhit Unadkat and Secretary Rtr. Sankalp Yerawar. Further, Prof. N. V. Marathe shared his words of wisdom and focused on the importance of International Politics and how it affects an individual. Professor also urged participants to look forward to International Politics as their career.

World suffers from many issues now and then. To solve these issues, it is necessary for the countries to come together and form resolutions to be followed. DARK PEACE similarly organized an ‘INCITE SUMMIT’ in which delegates of 15 countries participated. The problems mainly discussed were NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, MARINE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND POLLUTION CONTROL, CYBER SECURITY. Out of these 3 resolutions, delegates selected ‘NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT’ topic and resolutions were passed by confirmation of 12 countries.

There are many global as well as local issues faced by many countries. It is of utmost importance what nation feels about it and what should be its stand to those problems. To illustrate this point, next session named as ‘CANVASS’ was organized. Here delegates of all 15 nations discussed their ideology about SYRIAN REFUGEE CRYSIS and how will their country contribute towards these issues and look after efficiently. Similarly, numbers of issues were given to delegates with respect to their country.

Later, elections were held to decide the location of next summit and ‘INDIA’ won the election.

This is how Day 1 ended and the delegates were excited for Day 2 also.

Trading is the crucial part of any nation’s economy as import and export contribute to GDP of a nation and its position among the other countries in the world. Managing resources is the biggest challenge every nation faces in different situations like economic trading, war, etc. This was the main aspect of Day 2 where countries had to manage their resources by TRADING. The resources which the nations had were NATURAL RESOURCES, FOOD, TECHNOLOGY. There was OPEN TRADE between different nations i.e. a country could trade with another country with which the respective nation have friendly relations. Then, WAR was conducted between two countries with the help of recent trends which were displayed in the forms of news. War was conducted in three different proceedings wherein their resources decreased and after every war there was a WAR TRADE where they had to compensate with resources being spent in the war. At last the winning country and loosing country had to sign a peace agreement.

At the end, two groups were formed i.e. WESTERN POWER (USA) and EASTERN POWER (CHINA). The remaining 13 nations had to choose wisely to which power their country would like to join. Again final war was conducted in between two super powers and EASTERN POWER (CHINA) won the war. And hence the event ended with prize distribution. For concluding remark vote of thanks was given by Secretary Rtr. Sankalp Yerawar.

Finally, the efforts of the core committee as well as all other supporting committees were admired by the valuable feedback of the participants and the Mega event DARK PEACE was ended successfully.