This was a GBM prior to mega-event and as decoration committee has started its work from 17/03/2017, so GBM started with experience sharing from volunteers of decoration committee. On the occasion of World Water Day, Vice President Rtr. Omkar Kadam stressed upon importance of water and discussed few tricks to conserve water. Afterwards the GBM was handed over to CSDs.

The team names were based on the National political parties and are as follows:

  1. Bhartiya Janata Party
  2. Indian National Congress
  3. Bahujan Samaj Party
  4. All India Trimool Congress
  5. CPI-M


The first session for the GBM was named as ‘LET’S DEBATE’. Two representatives from each team were called upon. The topic for the Debate was ‘Should students take part in politics?’ The debate session was divided into 3 parts. In the first part of debate, representatives were supposed to put forth their views. In second part, they were supposed to counter attack each other’s statement and lastly in third part audience views were asked.

The next Session was named as ‘FICTION FUN’. It was a Group building activity where teams were given different Genres such as humor, tragedy, drama and teams had to present a story-line for ‘Why Katappa killed Bahubali?’

The third game was named as ‘PRECEPTION’. In this game, teams were provided with a blank world map and they had to locate different countries and state the capital of the respective country. This was just phase one. For second phase, maps were exchanged among the teams and one team would check the answers written by opponent team and grade accordingly.

The last game of the GBM was ‘RAPID FIRE’. In this activity, questions related to grammar and vocabulary was asked rapidly to the teams and teams were supposed to write answers quickly. And as the tradition continued from last few GBMs, at last the whole GBM review was given by Rotaractors and the GBM ended with the order of Vice-President.

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