Enthusiasm is the fuel of life; it helps us to get where we are going. And the same could be seen among the members in the GBM because it was a mega-event special GBM. The mega-event ‘DARK PEACE’ is commencing in few days. The GBM started with President’s talk. He shared his experiences of ‘VISION’ along with some current affairs. Many students shared their experiences regarding ‘VISION’ and ‘Annual Social Gathering (ASG).’

Then the GBM was handed over to CSDs. This time CSDs started GBM innovatively. They showed a video clip which was trending these days and they named it as ‘COMEDY OF ERRORS’. The clip was about the interview of Prof. Robert Kelly which was coming live on BBC World News and what all blunders took place at the time of interview at his home and how media lighten that issue was discussed.

Later on team names were given followed by load balancing. The team names were:

  1. Make a move before you are moved…!
  2. Don’t sell… BRAND IT!
  3. Make the money pulse beat for you!!
  4. Only victory shall vindicate you!

These are the taglines of the past mega-events. Teams were supposed to be prepared with their team names as name of mega-event and details of the event at the end of GBM.

The very first session was an interactive session named as ‘LEAN- The Start-up’ by Rtr. Onkar More. He spoke about how to start a start-up and what consideration one needs to understand before going for start-up. The talk included various examples. Many students gave their inputs. Overall, it was really informative session.

Next to this, ‘HOAX’ was a group building enactment activity. Firstly a advertisement video of ‘Helping Hands’ was shown. In that video ‘helping hands’ was a group helping to people majorly addicted to mobile phones. The teams were supposed to prepare a similar advertisement of 2 minutes. Teams were then sent to assigned spots in the college. Teams were supposed to submit their video clip in 10 minutes.

Till the videos being transferred in laptop, a public speech on ‘ECONOMICS’ was taken by Rtr. Sameer Bolshette. He explained basic economic terms like communalism, capitalism, socialism etc. It was also an informative session.

After this session, a fun activity named as ‘BECAUSE…. Everything has a reason!’ was taken. For this activity 2 representatives from each team were called upon stage. First sentence would be given by CSDs ending with because. And the first member has to continue the same sentence from ‘because’; the next member would again continue from ‘because’ and so on. Special rounds for BEs and TEs were taken. Everybody enjoyed this activity.

Later on the team names were told by teams. And Lastly the ‘HOAX’ activiti’s video was played of each team. The teams showed excellent efforts giving social messages in a funny way. After this a quick review of the GBM was summarised by Rotaractors.  And hence the GBM was concluded with the order of president.


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