On 8th March every year International Women’s Day is celebrated to felicitate all women and their achievements. Women have come a long way in their struggle for equality, but there is still long distance to cover. With the same note GBM

commenced with the address by the Vice President Rtr. Omkar Kadam. He shared his view about Women’s Day along with his last week’s experience. Since, it is the week of Annual Social Gathering, many students shared their experiences regarding ASG, Sports. Few of them also shared experiences regarding GET-IT, which was conducted successfully last Sunday i.e. on 5th March. After this Rtr. Vatsala Singh stated secretarial announcement.

And then the GBM was handed over to CSDs. Rtr. Sanyogita started the GBM with her speech on Women’s Day. In her speech she stated how and when Women’s Day started. Then she explained the terms like Feminism, Sexism, Misogyny, Chauvinism, Male Chauvinism, Individualism etc. Overall she conveyed that- ‘Because women have been suppressed for so long, they need to rise up and indeed take over, for things to be equal again. ‘

After this sessions team names allotted followed by load balancing. This time team names were the names of World’s most powerful ladies:

  1. Angela Merkel
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Janet Yellen
  4. Melinda Gates.


The next session named as ‘FEMIQUISITIVE’ was conducted by Rtr. Vatsala Singh. In that session crossword was given to teams. The answers of the crossword were the names of famous women.

This was just first phase. In the phase two, teams were supposed to give a situation to opponent team and one of the representatives had to enact how that personality would react in that particular situation and the opposite team had to guess the name of the personality.

The next session ‘SHOT IN THE DARK’ was conducted by Rtr. Aishvarya Bankar. It was a general quiz. Teams were given pictures of famous woman personality and a few questions.

At the end GET-IT results were announced and the GBM was concluded with the order of Vice President.

International Women’s Day Special GBM

E Souvenir Announcement

GET IT Prize distribution

GET IT Prize distribution

GET IT Prize distribution

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