After the toiling phase of examinations, the post MSE GBM started with the order of the Vice President Rtr. Omkar Kadam. He started with the experience sharing regarding festive season that already passed by and the one which is about to arrive. He then further talked about the recent advances in the world and the country in an interactive session. The GBM was then handed over to the CSD’s.

Rtr. Onkar More assisted CSD’s and commenced by sharing his point of view on role switching, change and flexibility. The team names were the names of award winning films in various categories in the Oscars this year. They were:


The first game was SEM TO SEM which was unlike MSE, an exam with twists. A question paper comprising of questions like Define, Fill in the blanks, State true or false, Give Reasons, etc. was given to the teams and they were to solve it as a joint effort giving creative answers. This game spread an air of competitive spirit combined with fun.

Then next an informative session, ‘docuMENTORry’ was conducted by Rtr. Onkar More wherein he shared some of the inspiring and insightful documentaries, so that the fellow Rotaractors can explore this alternative along with movies and TV Series.

Then a small creative writing prompt named MAKE IT UP, a parody making game was conducted, where teams were supposed to convert a famous nursery rhyme into a parody. Comic responses from each team with a tinge of satire gained applauses from all.

The GBM concluded with the announcement of the upcoming event GET-IT (Graduate Engineers’ Test and Interview Techniques). Also, the announcement for this academic year’s souvenir was done and Rotaractors were appealed to share their work to be included in it. A short summary of the entire GBM was given by Rtr. Sankalp Yerawar as a takeaway for the day.

The GBM concluded with the order of the Vice-President.

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