It is said that Every new friend is a new adventure…. the start of more memories. And with same context Vice President, Rtr. Omkar Kadam started the GBM with a question “how to start conversation with new friends?” Members shared their point of view. Soon after this, FE’s and SE’s who participated as a volunteer for the first time in BDC shared their experiences. TE’s and BE’s who were the supporting hands as well as mentor for the event also shared their valuable experiences. After the experience sharing session the GBM was handed over to Rtr. Sameer Bolshette. The Team names were based on the famous books in the field of economics. The Team names were as follows:

  • The wealth of nations
  • Das capital
  • Essays in Persuasion
  • Free to choose

The first game was named as ‘DALAB’.This game was based on general knowledge and how much teams are confident upon their answers. In this game, questions were asked and teams were supposed to answer. Teams could bid from 1 to 10 points. If the answer was correct, bid points were allotted to teams and if the answer was wrong, same bid points were deducted.

The club service further proceeded with the public speech on ‘Union budget of India 2017-18 by Rtr. Karan Suryawanshi and Rtr. Tajoddin Attar. Budget of different sectors were discussed. The Pros and cons of the union budget were given through the public speech. What new things added in the Union Budget to support cashless Economy? Why the Union Budget was declared a month earlier of regular practice? And how the union budget is going to improve the growth rate of country? – were discussed.

After the public speech, the next game conducted was ‘ANAMNESIS’. This game was based on memory skills. In this game, members were given with the genre.  First participant was supposed to name related to the given genre, in similar way, second participant had to say the first name said by participant 1 as well as his own name related the genre and so on. Special rounds for FE’s, SE’, TE’s and BE’s were conducted. Everyone enjoyed this game.

In this way the GBM was ended with the order of Vice-President.

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