The treasure is not always the one which is measured with money as parameter. Rather it is the thing which makes you complacent and leaves you with the heart full of satisfaction. The same thing was seen in this week’s GBM. Rotaractors were already overwhelmed by the Treasure Hunt which was successfully executed on 22nd January and now the disclosure of Mega event 2017 was the Cherry on Cake. This time the GBM was Mega event special as well as the Treasure Hunt celebration GBM.

The GBM started with the experience sharing session, where experience sharing started from BEs and subsequently all the eager minds shared their experiences regarding the Treasure Hunt. It was clearly seen that all had enjoyed the Treasure Hunt a lot. One First year guy asked, “When the same thing will happen again? We are eagerly waiting :)”. Many new ideas implemented by Treasure hunt committee were appreciated by all participants. One of them was Amaze –an online puzzle completion. After that, the Treasure Hunt committee members also shared their experiences of their whole journey of Treasure Hunt. The winners of Treasure Hunt were given the gifts.

The GBM was handed over to the Mega event core committee. Each of the committee member had one letter on his/her T shirt which came out to be the letters in name of Mega event.

This time the team names were the names of different unions working worldwide for trading and economic co-operation.

  1. SAARC- South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
  2. BRICS-(Association of)Brazil Russia India China South Africa
  3. G20-Group of Twenty
  4. EU-European Union

The session started with the Contemplate –a game in which 4-5 pictures related to any particular International issue were shown and each team needed to send the candidates to describe the issue in short. The game included issues like Indus River Treaty, BREXIT, American Presidential election, Demonetization, One China Policy, Jallikattu etc. The session was very informative and all got the glimpse of Mega event.

The next game was Prolific. In this game the teams were allocated the states in India and were supposed to create the flag for respective states with their own creativity. There was a twist in game. After creating the flags, the flags were shuffled among the teams and teams needed to describe the other team’s flag in a humorous way. The imaginations of teams reached to the great heights during this session.

Next was the most awaited moment of GBM, the disclosure of the Mega event 2017.Everyone was on the edge of his/her seat. Firstly the audio-visual introduction was given through a mind blowing teaser of mega event. And then the name came out to be

DARK PEACE………End It Before It Ends You!!!!!!

The whole crowd was clapping and willing to participate in DARK PEACE. Then the formal introduction was given about the DARK PEACE and all were urged to be the part of DARK PEACE. The GBM ended in the same note.

The DARK PEACE core committee

Treasure Hunt Team Appreciation


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