And the most awaited day arose…. As the hands of the clock hit 8:30 am, students started gathering near steps. The response for the Treasure Hunt was overwhelming. A new record has been set with the count of 180+ enthusiastic participants.

Treasure hunt event started with warm greetings. Along with that, some rules were explained to participants. The teams were formed. This time we had five teams in total. In each team there were 30-35 participants. Each team with a different story from different domains.

At about 9:15 am the hunt for treasure finally started with the first clue, which was going to head the teams to their respective starting points. The entire event was designed into two halves. In the first half there were five stories for five teams.

The storylines were based upon:

  • Science Vs. Spirituality
  • 26/11 attack
  • Assassination of PM
  • Edward Snowden
  • Cowboys

Teams were actually on mission. As the tagline says ‘Suspect everyone, Spare no one’, for some stories team were acting as an investigator whereas for some stories team itself was a part of story. The storyline was more realistic, everybody enjoyed clue-solving and reaching to the next spot along with the story line.

After solving respective cases, teams gathered near steps and had refreshment. Refreshment was also a part of treasure hunt. Different character’s names from all the stories were written on back of disposal plates.Due to which every team came cross with the stories of other teams and hence every team was well acquainted with all the 5 story lines. After having refreshment, teams were again ready to get the final treasure.

In the second half, teams were told that – they have just gone through a story book which was a part of the last book series by famous author Richard Freeman. His many books have been converted to famous movies. He decided to create his last masterpiece before his retirement. So he ended up with writing 5 stories. All of these 5 stories were his personal favourite and felt each one deserves to be converted into movie. But just one of the five books is to be converted into movie as per the contract. So he let his son decide. The teams were supposed to find out the book (Treasure) and hand it over to his son.

For the completion of second half, teams were given 5 clues and 5 tasks. Clues were handed over to teams only after completion of task. The teams had to complete the tasks as per the given conditions. The five tasks were book balancing, origami, coin & bucket game, snake and ladder, jingle making along with video. In this way teams were supposed to crack the clues and get the final treasure. These tasks and clues were same for all the teams. Hence only one team was the winner i.e. the one which got the treasure first.

As it is said “Success is not the destination, but it’s a Journey” in the similar fashion every team enjoyed their journey through the entire Treasure Hunt. In real sense everybody got the treasure.

In this way the event ended and everyone was carrying something out of the participation.

Apart from this a ‘aMAZE’ titled online contest was also conducted prior a week of Treasure Hunt. In this contest a question was displayed at the lipton and on website. So the students were supposed to submit their answers on website. So, total 3 questions were displayed. Three lucky winners got the free entry for treasure hunt and a gift.

Hence, with new innovation whole event was a big hit of this semester.



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