The GBM was incepted by overwhelming and buoyant greeting from the president Rtr.Likhit Unadkat. Margaret Fuller once told that “Today a reader tomorrow a leader“, engendering the saying the president asked the members to share their experiences about reading something. Words from members about famous books like “The Martian” , “To kill the Mocking Bird” & many more intrigued the other members.The session was then handed over to CSD’s.
Sensitising the member about the important of 12th January as “National Youth Day” in the honour of Swami Vivekanand declared in 1984 steer the session. Teams were further named as, which emphasised on companies trying to increase the digital literacy of India.

  • payTm – (Founded in 2010) [Pay through mobile] CEO – Vijay Shekhar; Indias largest mobile payment service platform with over 150 million wallets& 75 million app downloaded.
  • MobiKwik – (Founded in 2009) Founder – Bipin Preet Singh & Upasana Taku; used by 15 million users with 1 million new customers every month.
  • Oxigen Wallet – (Founded in 2004) Founder – Pramod Saxena; Transaction of about 600 million per annum with customer base of more than 150 million.
  • Freecharge – (Founded in 2010)Founder – Kunal Shah & Sandeep Tandon; user registered increased from 15 million to 28 million.

The stage was then unfettered for the public speech on the topic of “CASHLESS ECONOMY“. Gracing on exactly the concepts of cashless along with advantages & challenges Rtr.Aniket Baad & Rtr.Bhushan Deshmukh enlighten the other members about India’s chances to become like Belgium, France & U.K. Amid by applaudes ended with the conclusion parallel to one by Ravi-Shankar Prasad (Minister of Electronic & IT) that ‘It is not cashless, but less cash’.

The fun was around the corner with the first game named ‘BUZZWORD‘ in which every team was given a sheer which consist of a honeycomb skeleton with letters at he center. 7 questions were displayed with each having a 7 letters of answer, 1 letter belong to the middle surrounded by 6 remaining letters & remaining letters & after solving all the 7 questions, using the center letters again a new 7 lettered word was meant to be found out.

On Dec 1, 2016 that “All Cinema hall in India shall play the national anthem ?“was the thing correct or wrong was pictured as a GROUP DISCUSSION topic; members from every team joined the discussion putting their points like Why force-feed Patriotism?, Not the right place, Why only cinema halls?, Degrading the national anthem, Rights, etc. Ameliorated by judging the members & the persuasion from judges jolted the group discussion.

Follow your heart but take your brain with you‘. The ephemeral sneaking of either brain or heart was put forth in the next game named ‘CERVEAU ET COEUR‘ where a situation was given a situation were members were supposed to come across the propensity of either their heart or brain, which rallied the paradox behaviour of human.

Together we learn, together we enjoy & so together we evolve, is what every Rotaractor experiences via the events organised under Club Service Avenue. One such event organised in 2nd Semester is TREASURE HUNT, the entrancing events to brisk the imagination, team work & mind boggling puzzles to solve, Rtr.Onkar More & Rtr.Sameer Bolshette communique the event dated on 22nd January, 2017, sufficing the detail of the preparation needed along with robust conclusion.
Unveiling the surreal experience of the placement by BE Rotaractor acquit the member.
Hence the GBM was concluded with the order of president.

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