In the wave of new hope and dreams the first GBM of the year commenced. Greeting and wishes from the president Rtr.Likhit Unadkat made the very first move . Moving on Rtr.Likhit acquainted the members with the events that took place in 2016. Out of many happenings the US Presidential Election and Demonetisation both procured by the world in the same day were few of them members were ardent about.

Just after the secretarial announcement about two Rotaractors striding their future with placement stir the topics. The first on the table was US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, the ever burning topic had shattered with opinions of members on it.

The morrow was the DEMONETISATION, arousing it as a debate members started putting on their opinions and facts before one another. Everyone was striving to make their point and to be particular the solicit was not against demonetisation but the way it was executed.The fight with topics like parallel economy and terrorist funding were supported in the debate along with fetching attention to beneficiaries like paytm, MobiKwik. The debate ended with a clear conclusion but a slick topic for public speech.

The session was then handed to CSD’s. This time the theme was about few personalities which deceased in the last year 2016.

  • ALAN RICKMAN (21/02/1946 to 14/01/2016) – An English actor and director of movies like Die Hard and Harry Potter.
  • CARRIE FISHER (21/11/1956 to 27/12/2016) – American actress, writer and economist; Princess Leia in Star Wars.
  • JAYALALITHA (24/02/1948 to 05/12/2016) – Indian actress ad politician; Served as CM of Tamilnadu for over 15 years.
  • MUHAMMAD ALI (17/01/1942 to 03/06/2016) – American Professional Boxer and Activist; One of the most Significant and Celebrated Sport figure of 20th Century.

The very first game was named RECON (i.e. the act of gathering information), where teams where showed a quote or famous lines from a English movie/ TV series and told to guess it.

In the stepping mission of human race to protect and hand on the planet to the future generation, Rtr.Omkar Kadam delivered and intricate public speech on the topic “CLIMATE CHANGE AND KYOTO PROTOCOL“. Plumetting vital information about carbon footprint and exposing everyone to the global view on the topic, the speech was ended up with a plea to have small contribution from club members by exercising minimalism.

The next game was “2K16 – ALL THAT HAPPENED“. In which few questions were displayed and teams need to answer those using paper and pen. Including different zones like politics, sports, economics, entertainment and many more.

Eminently Spurring the student was the experience of B.E’s about placement.
Thus The GBM was ended.

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