Initially President Rtr. Likhit Unadkat started with the memories of ADHYAYA. The event which was successfully conducted on 15 October, 2016. There was an experience sharing session, where the Rotaractors who participated in the event shared their feelings and experiences about the event. Also the core committee was felicitated with a memento. It was an happy and proud session to happen.

The session was then handed over to CSD’s. They first gave the team names. This time the theme for team names was about the date, 19th October.

  • 19th October 1900– Max plank presented the plank theory.
  • 19th October 1933– Germany left the League of Nations.
  • 19th October 2003– Mother Teresa was beatified.

After giving the team names the mostly awaited public speech was given by Rtr. Rahul Sawant, on the topic MILITARY COUP. He neatly explained what actually military coup is, where it had taken place and whether INDIA could be under military dominance.

The next was a game. The game which made all the participants of ADHYAYA to think a lot. It was named REVIVAL, where the teams were asked questions about the small details of the venue of the event. Those were so detailed that even the core committee members couldn’t answer.

Then was another game called GUESS IT, where a team member would come in front and behind him on the projector a word would be displayed and the other team members would ask question to him whose answer would be the same word displayed.

After the completion of the game their was felicitation of the core committee members of the team ADHYAYA. The BE core committee members shared their experiences.

Then the session handed over to INTERNATIONAL SERVICE DIRECTOR, Rtr. Abhilash Neve. He showed the video of last year’s MASTERMIND and then declared the core committee of the mega event.

Hence the GBM was concluded with the order of president.

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