A new chapter begins here !!!
As the tagline suggests , a new event named ADHYAYA was organised by ROTARACT CLUB OF WCE SANGLI on 15 October, 2016.

It is much easy for anybody to discuss about the problems of India in 10*10 room, but it is very challenging to actually work on the problems and challenges faced by the community especially in villages. To work for the welfare of community specifically village, this event was organised under the COMMUNITY SERVICE AVENUE.

Gandhiji had correctly said that “The Future Of India Lies In Its Villages” . Following Gandhiji’s view, the event was held in HARIPUR. The event consisted of three sub events :


The first session, CAREER GUIDANCE was executed in Shrimati Kondabai Kundlik Salunkhe High School. Students of 10th standard were guided by our fellow Rotaractors regarding different future opportunities after 10th standard. Students in a group of 10 were attending the career guidance session. For remaining students, various games like Chinese whisper, logo quiz, jam,etc. Looking at these fellow students every Rotaractor was mesmerized by their participation. This first phase of career guidance was started at 10:00 am and was successfully executed at 1:00 pm.

The second session, WOMAN EMPOWERMENT was held at the Gram Panchyat of Haripur. It was started at 3:00 pm where women actively participated in the event.
Chief guests were present for the event.
The event was started by a session of RECIPES were the women were told two ingredients and they have to tell a healthy dish which contains the same two ingredients. The next session was based on UKHANE which means a short poetic description depicting the relationship with their life partner. The challenge here was that the ukkhane has to based on water. Moving forward the next session was based on FIRE SAFETY MEASURES AT HOME. Here, the women were made aware of how to safeguard the cylinder and various measures to be undertaken when there is a fire. The next session was on DENGUE AWARENESS were the information regarding dengue , how is it spread, what are its symptoms, preventive measures and medication required.Furthermore, the next session was BEST FROM WASTE which mainly focused on how to make something useful from waste.Next session in a queue was ENGINEERING JUGAD. As the name suggests, this event was on engineering solutions for small scale problems which we often face in our day to day life. In this way, the second phase was successfully executed.

The next event and the most awaited event was HAPPY STREET. A play was constructed for all the villagers which depicted the social issues and encouraged people to be the change and create a change in the society for it’s development. Topics like Corruption, Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Deforestation,etc. were the attractions of the play. Every villager and Rotaractor enjoyed this enthralling play.

In this way, a successfull event was organised by our fellow Rotaractors. Every Rotaractor had a smile of satisfaction on his face, that he had his contribution towards the development of society and ultimately our country INDIA.

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