This was the first GBM post MSE .The GBM initiated with the secretarial announcements regarding placements of B.E.’s and birthdays of Rotaractors. Further, people shared their views about the movies Pink and M.S.Dhoni: The untold story.

This time the theme for the team names were the names of the Nobel laureates for this year.


An innovative session of games started with the first game named VINDICATE, a spoof of BARELY SPEAKING WITH ARNUB in which an Advertisement was shown and teams were told to take the stand for some roles in that advertisement which was depicted to be offensive for vegetable vendor, lawyer but it was depicted normal for that particular advertisement company. Rtr. Sameer Bolshette acted as Arnab Goswami. Next game was DECIPHER where an image with some meaning was shown and the same was to be explained by the teammates. Further, there was a session named UNERRING 2.0 where common writing mistakes were explained continuing the common speaking mistake session of the last GBM.

Towards the end of gbm, the community service director Rtr. Namrata made every Rotaractor to be the part of a story in quite interesting manner and introduced the new event under the community service avenue ADHYAYA which is organised on 15 OCTOBER, 2016.
Thus the GBM was concluded with the order of president.

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