GBM was started by the feedbacks of Rotaractors regarding BDC. President Rtr. Likhit Unadkat discussed about current affairs. He emphasized on importance of being aware on current happenings.

Further the GBM was handed to club service co-ordinators. Firstly, team were given names based on Indian olympic athletes whose achievements are feather on a cap for any Indian.


First game was “DOUBLE DABBLE” , a word game where a start word and end word was given. We have to reach from start to end by changing a single alphabet. Next game was “BIG BANG THEORY 2.0” , a creative writing game. People were supposed to solve the mystery of how universe was created and form an innovative story. The next game was “ADD-VENTURE” , a tagline based game. A tagline will be displayed and people have to guess which company , organization , channel , etc. has this tagline. Taglines in other regional languages were translated to english with ” * ” at the start of tagline.
In this way an innovative and interesting GBM was concluded with the order of president.

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