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It is rightly said, “The Finest Gesture One Can Make Is To Save Life By Donating Blood.

As per the legacy of 41 years, ROTARACT CLUB OF WCE SANGLI organized BLOOD DONATION CAMP on 24th August, 2016.

It was inaugurated by Dr.B.G.Patil and prof. V.B.Dharmadhikari .It was held in classroom no.19 and 20 from 4:30 onwards. All the necessary equipment and experienced people were present. Doctors were present to take care of people who donated the blood. Along with students some of the faculty members also donated blood. Refreshment was given to every donor.

Blood was donated by 222 courageous donors rather real life heroes. Every donor went with a smile on his/her face and with a satisfaction that he has stretched arm towards community service.

Unity is strength. When there is good teamwork and collaboration, efforts of team become fruitful. Similarly, this time once again Rotaractors showed their teamwork and contributed to the social cause.

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