It’s being the first step of new group of intellectuals in the world of Engineering, all first years were warmly welcomed and introduced to our club –ROTARACT CLUB OF WCE SANGLI through the FE ORIENTATION MEET 2016. In this world, where engineering students are armed with technology, students also need to inculcate soft skills, awareness about society and professionalism in them. Also they must be aware of the happenings at international level, and once again the Rotaract club provided the platform for the same.

The Fe Orientation Meet started with the Presidential address given by Rtr.Likhit Unadkat. He welcomed first years in the college and motivated them to “Study for excellence and not for success”.

Further, Rtr. Shraddha Unhale and Rtr. Abhishek Patil introduced our club to the juniors. They gave a brief introduction of the 4 Avenues under which our club works. To inculcate a sense of teamwork, the juniors were distributed into 4 groups based on the events conducted by the club under four avenues

TREASURE HUNT(Club Service Avenue)
BDC (Community Service Avenue)
GET-IT (Professional Development Service Avenue)
MASTERMIND (International Service Avenue)

The first game 20-20 was conducted by Rtr. Supriya. In this game, two members from each team were asked to pick a chit which would provide them a name of famous personality .The teammates would guess that personality by asking relevant questions and those two should answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ only. Next game CANVAS was the blend of quiz and bidding. The questions were asked to all the teams simultaneously and the teams had to bid for the opportunity to give the answer. The team which would bid first, most and would give the right answer was awarded with points. Further, there was a gadget making game VICISSITUDE. Each team was given a domain like Tourism, Immigrants, Education which has lots of issues to be solved. The teams were supposed to make a gadget to resolve the problems related to their respective domains and pitch the idea of their gadget.

After the Group building activities, public speech on RIO OLYMPICS and BANKING TERMINOLOGIES was delivered by Rtr. Swapnil, Rtr. Gaurav and Rtr. Omkar to acquaint our juniors with international happenings and some economic terms. An audio-visual introduction of our club was given to our juniors through the spectacular video which lasted in everyone’s mind and provoked them to clap their hands.

The FE ORIENTATION MEET concluded with enthusiasm and eager on the face of every first year student about the upcoming GBMs.

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