Failure shows you all,

have faith its one of the way in which god calls,

This phase shows you who are your friend and who will last till the end,

you feel ashamed and guilty at times with yourself you spend;

Out of the frustration either inside or outside you cry,

it becomes hard to face people how much ever you try;

you want someone to listen to you,

and pray to god at-least give a chance To once again shine like the morning dew;

Its very difficult to explain whats going inside our mind,

the only thing we expect from everyone is to be kind;

Its surprising, the people who you used to ask for your advice now take you for granted,

you start breaking slowly when you realize that you are no more wanted;

In-spite of this you feel safe when someone still loves you and says “I am there”,

you just want this phase of your life to end rapidly as it has become very difficult to bare;

It teaches you a lesson how to take your life seriously,

that moment on-wards you make a promise to yourself to take every new step cautiously;

A sudden fire of frustration ignites within you,for showing what you have got to the people who have back-stabbed you;

However the fact is that “everything happens for good”,up till now how much ever back you may have stood;

Remember,there is always a second chance,

only you need to give it a glance;

you know you can do it,

you know you can prove it…!!!!!

“If things are according to you its good”,but if its not then “Its best”…!!

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