Today’s GBM initiated with the experience sharing regarding the GET-IT event which took place from Sunday to Tuesday. This GBM was conducted by Club Service Co-ordinators Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh and Rtr. Shubham Kattakdhond. Then the Rtr. Likhit Unadkat and Rtr. Siddharth Mundra gave a brief presentation on the annual financial budget. Later on the Group Building Activity (GBA) had started. The team names were as follows:

Team A: Angela Markel
Team B: Janet Yallen
Team C: Susan Wojacichi
Team D: Sheryl Sandberg

The first GBA was “Mrs. Wright” in which each volunteer was given a playing card and a story was read. Just after hearing ‘left’ word they had to pass the card to the left member and on hearing ‘right’ word they had to pass to the right member and simultaneously they had to listen the story attentively to answer the questions which were asked at last.
The next activity was “Quash”. In this activity the volunteers were given a words for which they had to spell the letters of the word in reverse order.
The next GBA was “Enticement”. In this GBA we had to sketch the stickers of the places from the Walchand College just like the hike stickers.
And at the end of the GBM the reminder of the submission of the answer for the problem statement of the Mastermind Event was done.
Finally GBM concluded with the order of the president.

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