This GBM was conducted by Club Service Co-ordinators Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh and Rtr. Shubham Kattakdhond.

Team Names were as follows:-

(For Oscar 2K16 Best)

  • Actor
  • Visual Effect
  • Make-up and Hair Styling
  • Writing Adapted Screenplay

Club got involved in following activities:-

  • Judicious-

Decision has to be made at right time, and when manufactures and customers are in the game it is hard to maintain both interest. Teams in capacity of Head of car showroom made policies to resolve disputes between buyer and manufacturer.

  • Retrospect-

As battle of MSE was won, it was time to turn back and enjoy the memories. Teams prepared MSE review in line with movie review with crisp of struggle, tragedy and climax.

  • Thesaurus-

System turns into failure even if a link is lost. At beginning one of the participants was given a word and participant besides said word related to it. Participants continued this chain until someone fumbled.

Finally GBM concluded with the order of the president.


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