Today’s GBM initiated with the experience sharing regarding the sports competitions which are going on. The GBM was conducted by the Club Service Co-ordinator Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh. Later on the Group Building Activity (GBA) had started. The team names were as follows:

Team A: Quibble

Team B: Arrant

Team C: Foment

The first GBA was “Acquaint”. This was an outdoor game in which a group of six members were given a product and they had to do the marketing of their respective product. Then next activity was “Suddenly”. In this activity one had to speak sentences rapidly which will contain the word ‘suddenly’.

The next activity was “Chinese Whispers”. In this activity two to three sentences were given to a member and then he/she had to tell to the next member without uttering the words and the last member will speak the sentence loudly. And then the audience had to guess the name of the persons, which describes the sentences spoken loudly.

And at the end of the GBM there was the announcement regarding the registration of the mega event for 2016 that is “MATSERMIND”.

Finally GBM concluded with the order of the president.

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