The GBM was conducted by Club Service Co-ordinator Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh and was assisted by Rtr. Sankalp Yerawar. GBM started with announcements regarding birthdays celebrated in last week. After that Group Building Activity (GBA) had started.

The team names were as follows:

  •   Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal
  •   V.G. Siddhartha
  •   Sumit Mittal

Firstly Group Discussion was arranged, which is based on case study and three volunteer from each team participated to discuss among themselves.

The next activity was Sojourn, here teams had to present the leaflet on the place in campus which is given by CSDs.

In Surveillance, the observation skills of members were checked by showing them images and then by rapidly asking questions related to pictures.

The last activity was Word Pyramid. The team had to form the pyramid of words ,in which each line started and ended with the letter ‘e’ and also every next word started with the last letter of previous word.

Finally GBM concluded with the order of the president.

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