Natural Tendency of people like me !!!

Why I used word ‘me’? Because what I am going to tell you is also the tendency of mine. So why should always start from others, start from ourself is good. We always compare us with others. From childhood our parents used to compare us with our brothers, sisters, neighbours etc. Every individual is a part of comparison these days. Why we do this? If my friend has this thing then I also want this. But do I really want this? Answer from most of the people is ‘No’. Then why we always compare ourselves with others? Only to achieve status, fame etc. We can achieve these all things some or other day but by doing comparison we never achieve happiness that we really have to live stable in this world. If we didn’t run behind what others do but we did whatever we really want then we’ll get inner peace which is the real success, which is the real happiness. With this happiness only we make victory over world. STOP COMPARISON

6 thoughts on “Natural Tendency of people like me !!!

  1. Well Said Anjali! comparing yourself with others And making Yourself Low is Surely not Acceptable. Instead of that We can put our whole power to make Our personality Better than we had yesterday. 🙂

  2. Perhaps the whole scenario hovers over your perspective of the surrounding or environment you live in. As correctly pointed by my friend “Onkar More”, human psychology do play a vital role in your decision making and developing your presumptions about COMPARISONs. Yet I would deviate my feelings from saying that comparisons are evil. I would rather say that “Comparisons are necessary evil”. Comparisons bring out the better in you. Also, the great scientist , Albert Einstein has formulated his famous theory of relativity on the basis of comparing the behaviors of various objects in different frames. If the results of comparison can be so great then why not to have it?

  3. We compare because we fail to understand the differences. My personal experience is same. I used to compare myself with the best ones and i still. But, these days I don’t envy them. Rather, I admire them. And in this process I end up knowing myself better. Comparison is not bad at all. Neil Armstrong wouldn’t have been the first man to step on the moon if it wasn’t for John F Kennedy to COMPARE his country’s space exploration progress with that of Russia. The fault, I believe, is with our perspective. It’s also related to human psychology. I read in one of the books that, people tend to be happy when they earn $60,000 while their neighbors earning $50,000 rather than earning $70,000 while their neighbors earning $80,000.
    Well, the topic is debatable. By the way, “Kudos” you have successfully expressed your thoughts into words. Very nice!!! Keep on..

  4. TRUE !!! Comparison is like Pain in Neck. We have become habitual to it as if it is a part of our life. I think so life will be much more easier and happier without comparison.

  5. nice thought Anjali. If people wish to compare,instead of comparing with others compare yourself to the person who you were yesterday.

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