The General Body Meeting was conducted by the Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and the club service co-ordinators Rtr. Shubham Katakdhond & Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh.

        The GBM initiated with the secretarial announcement regarding placements and birthdays and the special guests were welcomed with the honor of applause. There after club members shared their experiences regarding placement and other interesting week activities.

       The entire crowd was divided in four teams:


        The GBM had started with the first game as Debate. Debates were carried out between the teams. The twist added to the game was “flip”. The topics for the debates are as follows:



         An interesting and funny activity named “FUTURISTA” was held in which one has to make news on future point of view in a funny style. Continuing with a brain challenging puzzle named “Perplexity”. At last the GBM conclude with the game named “Long tail…” with the rapid formation of words related to the given topic such that the each next word should start with the last letter of the previous word. An introduction of fresh faces was carried out and a core committee for language test was declared by President Rtr. Riya Pahuja.

And finally GBM ended with the order of President.

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