The General Body Meeting was conducted by the Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and the club service co-ordinators  Rtr. Shubham  Katakdhond & Rtr. Supriya  Dhavalshankh.

The GBM initiated with the secretarial announcement regarding placements and birthdays. There after club members shared their experience regarding placement and other interesting week activities.

Each team was given names as follows:-

            1. Quibble

            2. Arrant

            3. Recreancy

 The games were as follows:-

1. Communique :-
In this game, a location was alloted to each team and they have to make news video using the ambience of location in humorous manner.

. Copocuoco :- Team members had to write success recipe of different academic condition in chef’s style. Situations for the game were provided by CSD.

3.Artisty :- Each team has to form their WPL ( Walchand Premier League ) team and they have to design T-shirt for their team.

 And finally GBM ended with the order of President.

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