The GBM was conducted by Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and Club Service Co-ordinator Rtr. Supriya Dhavalshankh and was assisted by Rtr. Aishwarya Bankar. GBM started with sharing the experience of club members. In secretarial announcement, announcements regarding placement and birthdays of club members were done.

Team Names were as follows:-

(Teams were asked to give significance of the back picture of given notes)
A: 5 ₹ Note

B: 10 ₹ Note

C: 20 ₹ Note

D: 1000 ₹ Note

Club got involved in following activities:-


 This icebreaker was to define the undefined regular used terms like whatsapp in comical manner. This game reflected the critical thinking of members.

Waive Very:-

Word ‘very’ is used very frequently used to stress on the emotions (e.g. Very Cold, Very Clever).Team were asked to give synonyms for these words which intensify the sentence.

Sagacity :-

Brain is inevitable part of human body. Representative from each team were called forward and asked  to read the name of colours, which were written in different coloured font .(e.g.:-black colour with yellow font ).Ability of brain to synchronize was put to test.

       Finally the GBM was concluded by the announcement of mega event core committee.

Mega Event Core Committee:-

  1. Rtr. Shivani Kondewar
  2. Rtr. Sameer Bolshette
  3. Rtr. Rahul Sawant
  4. Ankit Yewale
  5. Rtr. Sanyogita Satpute
  6. Rtr. Anuja Salunkhe
  7. Rtr. Abhilash Neve
  8. Rtr. Kuldip Ugemuge
  9. Rtr. Sumit Somalwar
  10. Rtr. Suhasini  Darade
  11. Rtr. Riya Pahuja

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