The GBM was conducted by Club Service Director Rtr. Manali Keshattiwar and Club Service Co-ordinator Rtr. Shubham Katakdhond and was assisted by Rtr. Aishwarya Bankar. GBM started with announcements regarding placement. After that Group Building Activity(GBA) had started .

The team names were as follows

  • Team A: UNISCO
  • Team B: WHO
  • Team C: UN
  • Team D: UNICEF

    The first GBA was NEWSPLASH in which each team were given a current issue and each team had to make a news on it. After Newsplash, a game was played which was just like a treasure hunt in which we had to solve the brain storming puzzles.

     In the next GBA each team had to find the grammatical as well as symentical errors that were there in the given sentences.

     Next GBA was just like breatheless speaking of alphabets along with their sequence number which was a challenging task. And last activity was DECIPHER. In this activity participant from the respective team had to describe the images which were shown on the screen.

     Finally GBM concluded by the order of the president.

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