On March 13, 1968, as a significant step towards canalizing the world youth into becoming socially and professionally useful citizens of high ethical standards, the Rotary International established its junior wing, justifiably naming it ‘Rotaract’ (Rotary In Action).

Seven years after, on February 23, 1975, the Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, was instituted for the undergraduate students of Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli.

Student-members not just from Maharashtra but hailing from all over India constituted the club. Highly enthused student-Rotaractors involved in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities produced outstanding results in academics and a number of other fields. This reinforced the need of Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, for the advancement of its students, for tapping their inert potentials and sharpening their skills, talents and their different aptitudes.

The enterprising initiative of founding of the Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, in 1975 was taken by Late Rtn G.S.Phadnis and Rtn G.C. Kanitkar. Rtn G.C. Kanitkar was the Principal of WCE then.

The founder members of Rotaract Club of WCE, Sangli, also served in prestigious posts, as office-bearers, to form the pillars of its growth.At this juncture, Rtn Mr G.S.Phadnis and Rtn Mr G.C.Kanitkar with some dedicated colleagues provided guidance and conducted the club meetings, grooming the student-members to run the club efficiently and effectively.

In the year 1980, Rtn Dr. P.A.Kulkarni was appointed the Principal of the college and shortly, he joined the Rotary Club of Sangli. In his tenure, with his inspiration and support, the Rotaract Club of WCE Sangli, picked up pace and developed by leaps and bounds. Here a noteworthy mention must be made of Prof Mr R.R.Tilwalli who took keen interest in planning and assisting the club activities more systematically and effectively. Rtn. Dr. P.A.Kulkarni retired as a principal of WCE in the year 1997.


‘No man is an island in himself’. Interaction and mutual co-operation with others is indispensable to his existence, to his growth and to the successful attainment of his goals in life. To this end the Rotaract Club of WCE, Sangli, has chosen the ideology “Together, We Evolve” as its motto. Integration, teamwork, mutual solidarity precedes all activities and undertakings of the club, which seeks to promote the growth of every member in all aspects.

Co-operation blends with competition to ensure that ethical means are adopted in the accomplishment of the goals.

All activities of the Rotaract Club of WCE, Sangli, aim to accomplish the following objectives-


To draw out and expose hidden talents and skills. To moot the all round development of one’s personality. To foster leadership qualities. To mould appropriate attitudes and values.


To sharpen technical, communicational and management skills.To encourage enterprise and creativity. To groom and train members for Campus recruitment into top-notch Multinational Companies.


To provide needful social service in the local and surrounding areas.To provide assistance in disaster management.To establish and improve public relations.

Organization and Administration

Since the club was formed and established in 1975, the Board Members of the club in the initial years were selected by the then BODs (Board of Directors) along with Rtn Dr.P.A.Kulkarni.

The out-going BODs would propose names of suitable Rotaractors. After keen observation and analysing the conduct of those Rotaractors, the chosen ones were designated a post in the incoming board. Over the years, this tradition changed and presently the incoming boards posts are allotted to the deserving Rotaractors after discussion and mutual consent of the outgoing BODs and the incoming President.

Every event organized under its respective avenue is organized by various committees. The Rotaractors are inducted into the committees by the working board. All the activities carried out in the club and by the club are reported to college authorities and the parent club Rotary Club of Sangli.