GBM Dated 17th Oct 2019

Diwali special GBM was conducted on 17th October where each Rotaractor enjoyed it through wonderful activities in the GBM. That was the last GBM before Diwali. The GBM started with the president’s order. The experience sharing regarding the street play of all Rotaractors took place.

Rtr.Shubham Jagtap discussed about Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee an Indian-born American economist who is the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Recently Banerjee shared the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer, for their experimental approach to “alleviating global poverty.” 

The GBM was handed over to the CSD team. Rtr. Apurva Sawant and Rtr. Shubham Patil took the first game of GBM. It was about making a video depicting the advertisement of a product during the DIWALI festival. Everyone enjoyed the game a lot. It was followed by the public speech on topic “Election commission of India” delivered by Rtr. Rohan Patil as the elections are on 21st October. It helped all Rotaractors to know what the body of Election commission consists of. The political influences of the election being conducted.

Someone like to cook food, Someone like to watch a cooking show and someone likes to just eat. It was the task given to all teams to present the topics given in terms of a recipe. The game was much interesting.

Finally, the felicitation of all those Rotaractors who did a great job in sports, events organized by various clubs was done. The experience sharing of Rtr.Shweta Gurav took place for getting placed in L & T(ECC).

Rtr. Nagesh Kugne and Rtr. Manali Bongale were inducted as a Rotaractors.

At the end Rtr.Susmit Raut , International Service Director declared the core committee of Mega Event under International Service Avenue.

The GBM ended with the president’s order.


GBM Dated 10th Oct 2019

GBM Dated 10th Oct 2019

The GBM of the 10th of Oct started with the president’s order. Rtr.Nikita made a secretarial announcement. Rtr.Shubham discussed on the international news and Nobel awards. The GBM then handed over to the CSD team. The GBM had a theme, ’Ambient’. The public speech on ‘Nuclear weapons’ by Rtr.Sohan was delivered. The public speech improved the knowledge of Rotaractors about different types of bombs and treaties and agreements that were signed to prevent the escalation of nuclear weapons.

Rtr.Apurva explained the first game of GBM, Protesta. The game was all about poster making on the environmental issues that were given to each team. The teams were expected to protest on the given issue. The game aimed to make all Rotaractors aware of social issues. It also improved the poster making ability. 

The next game was ITINERARY, planning a one day trip conducted by Rtr. Ajay and Rtr.Apurva.The traveling routes, accommodation, costing etc.were expected to be specified.

Being the first in the BuzzFlip event the felicitation of Rtr.Vedant and Rtr.Susmit by Rtr. Shubham was done. Rtr.Sohan was also felicitated for his very informative speech on ’Nuclear weapons’.In the end, core committee members of MART KAMPF were given a token of appreciation. The experience sharing of all the core committee members took place. The GBM concluded by the President’s order.









GBM Dated 1st Oct 2019

GBM started with the Vice-President’s order. Rtr.Omkar Choudhari took a short view of all Rotaractors about,‘Lying-Good or Bad?’. Most of the Rotaractors supported to lie depending on the situation. The secretarial announcement by Rtr. Simran was done after that.
The first session was about ‘memories’ which was conducted by Rtr. Shreyas and Rtr.Apurva.One of the Rotaractor had to share his/her personal experience about a place in the campus without direct naming the place and others had to recognize the same place. The next candidate was pointed out by the previous one and the chain was supposed to continue. The game recollected the memories of Rotaractors.
The next, very interesting game was News reporting. Rtr. Apurva, the News reporter of the BAAZIGAR channel was in direct touch with all the Rotaractors playing the role of public. Views were taken of the Rotaractors on Various commonly faced problems by engineering students.
The Carry Catcher game was about showing the features of the image in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes. In this one of Rotaractor had to draw a picture of a given personality and others had to identify. The public speech by Rtr.Avinash was given on ‘Basics of Sharemarket’.
The GBM ended with the release of ‘अभ्युदय ‘ conducted under Community Service Avenue.








GBM Dated 25th Sept 2019

The first GBM after Mid Semester examinations of the academic year 2019-2020 was all about observations.It is well quoted,”To acquire knowledge one must study; but to acquire wisdom one must observe”.

GBM started with the Vice-Presidential order. It was followed by secretarial announcement  by Rtr. Simran. After that, experience sharing of  Rtr. Saurabh Firke took place.The experience inspired all the members present in GBM.

Rtr. Omkar Choudhari told about Howdy Modi and he took views of Rotaractors about Howdy Modi. Then the video depicting Climate Change was shown. The video was a speech given by the Greta Thunberg- climate change activist in Sweden. GBM was handed over to CSD team.

Then a public speech on Butterfly Effect given by Rtr. Mujif. The butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. Rtr. Mujif also discussed the chaos theory, butterfly effect in real life, applications of the butterfly effect.

Team names were Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple. The first activity was Solve the Mystery conducted by Rtr. Ajay. In that activity, images were shown to the teams. Teams had to solve that mystery considering the whole scenario. The team had to justify their answer.This activity brought Sherlock Holmes from everyone out.

Second activity was Rebus conducted by Rtr. Sahil. Rebus means a puzzle device which combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict word and/or phrases. So in this activity, teams had to find out the word or phrase. This was the brainstorming activity.

At the end Rtr. Swapnil Pandhare was inducted as a Rotaractor. General Body Meet concluded with the vice-presidential order.